DIY Template FAQs

Where do the designs come from?

Our DIY Wedding Invitations are all created by graphic designer, Tammy Lyon. Our stylish, affordable, and high quality line of DIY invitation and stationery templates created quite a buzz when is was launched in 2006. Uniquity Invitations has since been recognized for creativity, innovation and high style by Posh Wedding Podcast, DIY Bride, Ruffled Wedding Blog, Heirloom Magazine, Wedding Style, Wedding Bee, Real Weddings, Aisle Walk and WeddingBells magazine.

Do I have to be Martha to do this?

No! Our simple instructions will walk you through the process. Each designer look provides you with a helpful materials list, plus you'll love the insider tips on how to avoid mistakes do-it-yourselfers commonly make with their invitations. Take advantage of our designer's years of experience providing you with inside trade secrets on how to save both time and money. You can have a creative look that reflects your unique personal style for less. Not to mention you'll impress your guests when they find out you made your own invitations!

What if I love a design but want to change the color?

We can create a custom template for you. If you found one that you love, but your wedding colors are different, for an added $19, we can change the illustration colors to anything you desire. Just imagine the possibility of a custom invitation designed by a highly experienced graphic designer you can print at home! Within the template, however, you are already able to easily change the text color, size and font to anything you choose.

May I change the wording?

Yes. You can use any wording you like, because you can type it in yourself. If for some reason the pre-placed text boxes do not work for your wording, simply let us know and we can arrange them for you with no extra charge.

May I change the font?

Yes. You can change the suggested font within the sample text, or you can use any font on your computer. You are also able to change the color and size of the text yourself when you type your wording into the template.

What kinds of custom options are there?

Because our templates are all digital files, any and all change requests can be accommodated. We can change the size, colors, or illustrations. We can create custom drawn maps, inserts and monograms. And if you have something particular in mind, we can design something completely original. Simply visit our order page, and choose as many custom options as your project requires. After payment, we will send you a confirmation email, and follow it with design samples if needed. After revisions and your approval, we will create the entire template set for you.

The only custom requests we do not offer is to create a template of another designers work. You are encouraged to send us inspiration samples and images, but we cannot directly copy a particular invitation.

What kind of materials do I need?

Each of our templates comes with a materials list and exclusive instructions. Basically, all our invitations are formatted and designed to print out two 5x7" sized invitations on standard 8.5 x 11" sheets of paper. With this freedom, you can enter any paper supply store, large or small, and find the type of paper you want. Visit our resources page for names of great online and retail stores. The invitations and RSVP cards also fit into standard A7 and A2 envelopes respectively, which are just as easy to find. Being standard-sized, hundreds of styles of paper are available to you and any desktop printer will be able to print them easily.

What are the advantages of doing my own wedding invitations or wedding stationery?

The biggest advantage is saving money! Catalog-ordered or custom wedding invitations are expensive and usually thrown away. How many are you going to need? Once you start working on your guest list, it's very common to discover you need more than you thought, which again adds to the expense of a custom order. With our templates, you can easily and afford-ably print as many extras as you need.

If you decide to have your invitations printed, that's not the end of it. You're still going to want or need wedding programs, menus, place cards, table numbers and favor tags, all of which are an additional expense. If you print your own, you can have as many of these items as you want, when you want them. You can also get a personalized, custom look because you are able to dress them up as much or as simply as you like using crystals, ribbon charms or colored backing papers.

What format are the templates?

You will download a PDF file that can easily be read on any computer, PC or Mac, by Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher (available in English only). If you do not already have Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher, you can click on the Adobe button below to download your free copy.

With a PDF file, each invitation's artwork and perfectly typeset text are preserved and in high quality for your home printer. There’s no need to worry about setting up margins in a Word file, and using streams of paper trying to typeset the text yourself. All you do is select the sample text and change the names and dates, then print the pages you want. Everything else is pre-set for you.

How do you accept payment for a downloadable file?

We accept Pay Pal payments only (for international purchases, please see next question for types of currencies accepted). You can pay via Pay Pal with any major credit card.

Do you accept international payments?

Yes. For payment, we accept via Pay Pal only, the following currencies: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pound Sterling and Yen. When sending your payment, simply select the type of currency you are sending and Pay Pal will do the conversion to US funds.

How quickly will I receive my template?

An order confirmation typically will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours of confirmed payment to the e-mail address listed on your Pay Pal account. You will be e-mailed a website address to simply download the template set you purchased.

Do you ever feature examples from customers?

Yes! We love to see what you create using our templates. If you want to share your own personal invitation design with us, please email pictures of your creation to us. Even better - actually mail us one! We would love it if you share your tips, techniques, and inspirations that made your invites perfect.

I'm afraid that this stationery will look "home-made."

It very well could look homemade if you do it entirely yourself. But we've spent a great deal of time and expertise putting together our templates so that they will look professional. An experienced graphic designer creates our exclusive collections. We also include ideas for fun, creative and clever ways to add extra sparkle and shine to our designs. To go the next step in adding your own personal stamp to your invitations, visit our blog, user gallery or have fun with our dress up game.

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