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So nice to 'meet' you! As a Vancouver Award Winning Wedding Invitations Designer, I have an innate love of luxuriously printed stationery that includes pattern, type and illustrations. I can't seem to start my design days without a cup of strong coffee with cream. I enjoy riding my pretty blue bike around my neighborhood and I have a minor... okay major... addiction to buying any new and interesting typefaces I find! I began my career as a graphic designer in the high tech world and after several years, I decided to venture on my own.

In 2002, I established Uniquity Design, providing freelance graphic design services to local and national businesses. Soon after, to balance out the corporate work and bring in beauty, texture and sparkle into my work, I created Uniquity Invitations. It became an outlet for me to design pretty things and a way to work with unusual type and design a bit further outside the box. There was also a real need in the marketplace for a hassle-free DIY invitation option. Uniquity Invitations was the first to offer an easy way to purchase, download and print your own invitations without any stress. Soon, I was fully immersed in the wedding industry and Uniquity Invitations quickly grew into so much more. I have now moved beyond DIY templates and am excited to offer printed stationery from my online collection and custom design to better suit the needs of my couples.

Uniquity Invitations and Uniquity Design has been a lovely adventure for me. I have created dynamic brands and marketing materials for many local wedding-related businesses. I have also had the pleasure to design two different wedding-focused publications. The most recent one, Heirloom Magazine

I love to hear from brides and grooms! Contact me anytime with questions, suggestions, or if you would like to customize any of our existing styles. 


Tammy Lyon | Owner + Designer

uniquity invitations

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